Sisters doing it 4×4 themselves

After beginning our love affair with off road driving in the UAE and Oman, we decided to invest in a little home on wheels when we came back to Australia and get out to explore.

Although 4WDing in Australia is different to what we had become accustomed to, there is so much to see and we want to share our adventures with you.


Why did we start Sisters Doing it 4×4 Themselves?

After arriving back in Australia, we tried to find a 4-wheel-drive club in which we felt comfortable and welcomed. After doing a bit of research and contacting a few clubs we were assured they all had “ladies days” so that us “ladies” could have a chance to get behind the wheel on a nice easy track. This was definitely not for us, so we decided to start our own 4WD group, for women by women.

Sisters Doing it 4×4 Themselves is not a club. We are a group of women who like to drive off road, camp and just get out there and explore. We welcome other women who like to drive in the company of women, to come along on our drives, learn how to use their equipment safely, and just have some fun. Every day is ladies day for us!

On this page, we’ll share 4WD tips, tricks, tracks, trials and tribulations of our off road adventures, in the hope that we can inspire and empower more women to get out there and enjoy themselves.

If you’d like to join us on a drive, camping or an overland trip, contact us here or find us on facebook!


Northern Territory – Off-Road Tracks







South Australia – Off-Road Tracks