Morocco has an eclectic mix of cultures as diverse as the geography and climate the country inhabits. Many languages are used daily, with Arabic and Berber being the two official languages, although you will also hear French used widely and Spanish used in the more northern regions. A hub for tourism, it’s long been on the adventure trail for many a hippie, seeking the long past exhilarating experience of the markets of Marrakesh. The Moroccan experience of yesteryear may well be gone, but there is still so much to explore in this beautiful coastal country. Wandering through Morocco requires both a sense of curiosity and adventure, not to mention a lot of patience to get the most from your experience. Each city has its own unique feel, with a different mix of culture and history to share. The sights and sounds, the colours and smells will no doubt be the lasting impression you have of this wonderfully diverse North African country.


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Chasing the Tagine