We are a couple of mindful travellers with explorers hearts who found each other and decided to venture out into the world together, traveling slowly, exploring far and wide.We believe life is not a collector’s item to be placed on a shelf and admired from afar. We stop, we work, we explore, we move on when we’re ready.

Although we carry the name Traveling Dreads, our dreads are a hairstyle- not a lifestyle. That said, we do offer dreadlock creation and maintenance services to fund our travels. If you’d like to access our services, contact us via our Facebook page.

Ultimately, we live, we love, we laugh, we learn and we travel. And try to treat others as we wish to be treated.

We are Nic and Karen- a.k.a. Traveling Dreads.

We are two phenomenal women, living phenomenally.

All photos used on this site are ours. Please ask if you’d like to use them.