The United Arab Emirates is a tiny oil-rich gulf country that shares borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. Ask someone to point to it on a map and many will have trouble, until you mention Dubai. 392578_10150544564129680_1552267196_nAnyone who has every flown Emirates will know where Dubai is, and some may even know of the Burj Khalifa. Most mistakenly believe this city of meteoric modernity to be the capital of the country. While Dubai has a lot to offer the tourist who has a few days to explore, the other Emirates hold more conservative and traditional fascinations, and in my humble opinion are infinitely more livable than the hustling, bustling metropolis of superlatives.

For such a small country there are almost endless choices of things to do, and when it comes to deciding, only your bank account and imagination will limit you. Living in the UAE is, of course, not something everyone will have the opportunity to do, but visiting should be an opportunity not missed.

Here, we will offer some of our favourite things to see and do and places to eat, not only in Dubai, but in the six other emirates as well.

Al Ain

al ain jahli fort





Off Road in the UAE

Al Jabeeb




Life in the UAE